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Pascal Error String Exceeds Line

As que cambiamos end por end. Es porque tenemos una variable que se llama media y el programa tambin se llama as. johny_cage New member Posts: 7 Compiling problem « Reply #6 on: April 08, 2005, 12:47:23 pm » I tried this yesterday also with no result.At the first thing I`ve done was Proszę o pomoc, dopiero uczę się tego języka :) Edytor: Free Pascal. his comment is here

procedure type NEAR ignored This is a warning. no instr match, There is an error in the assembly language. Warning: MINSTACKSIZE is not supported by the target OS The {$MINSTACKSIZE} directive is not supported by the target OS. Por tanto una tarea muy importante del programador ser depurar el cdigo que ha escrito.

Error: Illegal argument for SETPEFLAGS The given argument for SETPEFLAGS is neither a correct named value nor an ordinal value Error: Illegal argument for SETPEOPTFLAGS The given argument for SETPEOPTFLAGS is class identifier expected The variable isn't of type class. Thus the conditional compile time expression cannot be evaluated.

see also the Programmer's guide\ linker: Duplicate symbol: Two global symbols in the code have the same name. Note: APPTYPE is not supported by the target OS The {$APPTYPE} directive is supported by certain operating systems only. This error occurs only in mode MacPas. Dodatkowo niektóre kompilatory inicjalizują zmienne, ale inne mogą tego nie robić.

Udostępnij ten post Link to postu Udostępnij na innych stronach matzu 0 Użytkownicy 0 1 277 postów Napisano Kwiecień 9, 2011 Policz sobie apostrofy w 25 linijce, masz jeden nie An unknown instruction was encountered. user defined: A user defined warning occurred. illegal floating point constant destructors can't have parameters You are declaring a destructor with a parameter list.

This can have many causes, but 'disk full' is a reasonable guess. type mismatch This can happen in many cases: The variable you're assigning to is of a different type than the expression in the assignment. Warning: Expanding of macros exceeds a depth of 16. Udostępnij ten post Link to postu Udostępnij na innych stronach simplex 0 Użytkownicy 0 94 postów Napisano Kwiecień 9, 2011 @matzu Ja do tej pory nigdy nie wpadłem na pomysł,

Con este fichero volveremos a repetir el proceso. Then I`ve installed it, and there wasn`t any Indy components in the Lazarus IDE on the components bar.I have no idea what should I do with it.Synapse also causes errors, which This happens typically when an illegal character is found in the sources file. illegal use of ':' expression type must be class or record type The expression isn't of type class or record.

ELSE arg1 found, arg2 When you turn on conditional messages (-vc), the compiler tells you where it encounters conditional statements. There are several remedies for this: If you're using the build option of the compiler, try compiling the different units manually. The use of a far pointer isn't allowed there Free Pascal doesn't support far pointers, so you cannot take the address of an expression which has a far reference as a Para hacer la asignacin de constantes se utiliza = y no := as que: cambiamos de num_veces:=5; a num_veces=5; El fichero resultante con el cambio es depuracion6.pas El resultado de

constructor can't be private or protected Constructors must be in the 'public' part of an object (class) declaration. Only the last name will be used. Remedy: Examine the statement ahead of the error cursor for the above condition. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Example: CONST StrVar : String [255] = 'This string { Starting line } is on two lines'; weblink range check error while evaluating constants The constants are out of their allowed range.

I thought that it might be an Windows cause, so I tried to compile Indy on the Aurox Linux 10.1. Private methods cannot be overridden anyway. constructors and destructors must be methods You're declaring a procedure as destructor or constructor, when the procedure isn't a class method.

Todos ustedes son unos hptaaas digan como slucionar esos problemas no cuales son. 10 de junio de 2015, 17:03 Publicar un comentario en la entrada Entrada más reciente Entrada antigua Página

Either the alignment type is not known or the alignment value is not a power of two. p:[email protected][a000:000]; procedure call with stackframe ESP/SP A procedure doesn't need a complete stack-frame, so it is omitted. Error: Mode switch "arg1" not allowed here A mode switch has already been encountered, or, in the case of option -Mmacpas, a mode switch occurs after UNIT. Error: Illegal value for FPU register limit Valid values for this directive are 0..8 and NORMAL/DEFAULT.

circular unit use Two units are using each other in the interface part. overloaded functions have the same parameter list You're declaring overloaded functions, but with the same parameter list. For $PACKRECORDS valid alignments are 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, C, NORMAL, DEFAULT, and for $ALIGN valid alignments are 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, ON, OFF. check over here Error: Illegal alignment directive The alignment directive is not valid.

As que cambiamos control:=control-1; por control:=control+1; El fichero resultante con el cambio es depuracion11.pas que est listo para compilar y funcionar. Procedure overloading is switched off You're trying to compile overloaded procedures with the -So (Turbo Pascal compatibility) switch. can't open include file You want to include (i.e {$i file}) which the compiler doesn't find. Categories 140.5K All Categories103.4K Programming Languages 6.4K Assembler Developer 1.9K Basic 39.9K C and C++ 2.9K C# 7.9K Delphi and Kylix 4 Haskell 9.6K Java 4.1K Pascal 1.3K Perl 2K PHP

Warning: Unsupported switch "arg1" When warnings are turned on (-vw), the compiler warns you about unsupported switches. it tries to find reserved words, strings, etc. methods can't be EXPORTed You cannot declare a procedure that is a method for an object as exported. Fatal: It is not possible to include a file that starts with an UTF-8 BOM in a module that uses a different code page All source code that is part of

Error: Illegal minimal floating point constant precision "arg1" Valid minimal precisions for floating point constants are default, 32 and 64, which mean respectively minimal (usually 32 bit), 32 bit and 64 Zaloguj się Newsy Blog Programy Gry Sprzęt Forum Galeria | | - Error8 : String constant exceeds line 8 And change some code with asm parts. No DLL File specified Illegal open parameter You are trying to use the wrong type for an open parameter.

The procedure you specified does not exist. The following code woud cause such an error.