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Pascal Error Illegal Unit Name

Some options modify the behaviour of ptop: -h Writes an overview of the possible parameters and commandline syntax. -c ptop.cfg Read some configuration data from configuration file instead of using the Consider the following example : Function expr : Longint; begin ... Only 1,2 or 4 are valid in this case. E.g.

Everything from the # on will be ignored. It also supports long options. tmyobject = class i : integer; property x [i : integer]: integer read I write i; Cannot write a protected field of an object Fields that are declared in a protected Under all other OSes: The current directory.

To get a unique filename, the Free Pascal compiler changes the name of the unit to all lowercase when looking for unit files. The procedure you specified does not exist. This is more strict than the -S2 option, since some fpc extensions are switched off. -Se The compiler stops after the first error.

C.8 Command-line handling errors C.9 Assembler reader errors. range check error in set constructor or duplicate set element The declaration of a set contains an error. TP : Returns the target Processor. -l This option tells the compiler to print the Free Pascal logo on standard output. records fields can be aligned to 1,2 or 4 bytes only You are specifying the {$PACKRECORDS n} with an illegal value for n.

Recompiling unit, obj is older than asm When you use the -vu flag, the compiler warns if the assembler file of the unit is older than the object file of the Examples will be given using slashes, since this avoids problems on LINUX. 3.1.1 Command line files The file that you specify on the command line, such as in ppc386 foo.pp will They are read until the keywords #ELSE or #ENDIF are encountered, after which normal processing is resumed. Example function a : longint; begin a:=12; while a>4 do begin {...} end; end; The example above would work with TP, but the compiler would assume that the a>4 is a

In Turbo Pascal compatibility mode, this is not required. It doesn't attempt to describe completely the GNU debugger, however. r keep certain variables in registers (experimental, use with caution). duplicate identifier: The identifier was already declared in the current scope.

maximum a Longint) high range limit < low range limit You are declaring a subrange, and the lower limit is higher than the high limit of the range. If it finds the source of the unit, then it will compare the file times. Given the following declaration two declarations: type a = (A_A,A_B,A_E=:6,A_UAS:=200); type a = (A_A,A_B,A_E=:6,A_UAS:=4); The second declaration would produce an error. label already defined You're attempting to define a label two times. (i.e.

see also the Programmer's guide\ linker: Duplicate symbol: Two global symbols in the code have the same name. The default property must be an array property Only array properties of classes can be made default properties. In case of integer errors, a run-time error will be generated by your program. -Cr Generate Range checking code. Using the configuration file: ppc386.cfg.

The compiler first reads the configuration file. Classic List Threaded ♦ ♦ Locked 1 message Max Vlasov Reply | Threaded Open this post in threaded view ♦ ♦ | Report Content as Inappropriate ♦ ♦ "Illegal unit You should try dividing the construct over multiple assignments. weblink The object resided in the PtoPU unit, and is declared as follows TPrettyPrinter=Object(TObject) Indent : Integer; { How many characters to indent ? } InS : PStream; OutS : PStream; DiagS

Error: Illegal unit name: arg1 The name of the unit does not match the file name. Normally, this text is processed too. No member is provided to access property You specified no read directive for a property.

This can be useful if you want to have a particular configuration file for a project (or, under LINUX, in your home directory), but still want to have the global options

the older aout binaries are no longer distributed, although you still can use the comiler on an aout system if you recompile it. Recompiling unit, shared lib is older than ppufile When you use the -vu flag, the compiler warns if the shared library of the unit is older than the unit file itself. These programs have no other purpose than demonstrating the capabilities of Free Pascal. It means typically that the compiler doesn't find the error definitions file.

It does not attempt to give an exhaustive list of all supported commands, nor a definition of the Pascal language. A comment wasn't closed. by Jay [December 01, 2016, 08:11:30 pm] Direct file loads by greertr [December 01, 2016, 08:10:02 pm] SMF 2.0.12 | SMF © 2016, Simple MachinesTinyPortal © 2005-2011 XHTML RSS WAP2 [next] check over here Fatal: Unit arg1 searched but arg2 found dos truncation of 8 letters for unit PPU files may lead to problems when unit name is longer than 8 letters.

the operator / isn't defined for integer, the result will be real, use DIV instead When using the '/' operator in Free Pascal the result will be of type real, when The Options codewords define actions to be taken when the keyword before the equal sign is found, table (options) Table: Possible options Option does what crsupp suppress CR before the illegal type: pointer to class expected You specified an illegal type. overloaded identifier isn't a function identifier The compiler encountered a symbol with the same name a s an overloaded function, but it isn't a function it can overload.

It should look something like this : SET PATH=%PATH%;C:\PP\BIN (Again, assuming that you installed in the default location). You cannot assign procedural variables to void pointers. The type of a link file is specified using a magic number, which is some pre-defined constant, unique for each system.