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antonio una unica cosa que no me queda aun clara y es respecto a lo siguiente: en el programa en sus definiciones hago: CONST numpart=4; numvueltas=4; You should try dividing the construct over multiple assignments. gracias, gracias 12-Jul-2011 20:01 Antonio P.G. Hay otros muchos métodos de ordenamiento, cada uno con sus costes en tiempo y memoria. his comment is here

el codigo es: program atletas; uses crt; const numpart=4; numvueltas=4; type cadena=string[30]; atleta=record nombre,pais:cadena; t:array[1..numpart] of integer; Warning: Symbol "arg1" is not portable This means that a symbol (a variable, routine, etc...) which is declared as platform is used. Warning: Label not defined "arg1" A label was declared, but not defined. Type of expression must be BOOLEAN "THEN" expected but ":=" found   Variable given same identifier as the program Identifier redeclared Duplicate identifier   Identifier of variable contains space e.g.

Description Example Comment Out-by-one Example of INCORRECT code: if Marks[i] > PassMark then inc(NumberOfPasses); The >= operator should have been used instead of >. Hello, I am getting a error (duplicate identifier, identifier already defined in line 2). Regards, Sven _______________________________________________ fpc-pascal maillist - [hidden email] Sven Barth-2 Reply | Threaded Open this post in threaded view ♦ ♦ | Report Content as Inappropriate ♦ ♦ Re:

anonym class definitions are not allowed type identifier expected The identifier is not a type, or you forgot to supply a type identifier. Neither are the hidden self and _cmd parameters. it appears in the right-hand side of an expression) when it was not initialized first (i.e. Error: Can't create unique type from this type Only simple types like ordinal, float and string types are supported when redefining a type with type newtype = type oldtype;.

identifier already as type identifier declared You are trying to redefine a type. VAR c:carrera; i,j:integer; LAS VARIABLES I,J EN ESTE PUNTO SON GLOBALES VERDAD? voila les amis et il ne veut pas se complimer merci de m'aider ! 0 0 15/10/2008,17h17 #2 droggo Expert confirm Inscrit enaot 2006Messages3681Dtails du profilInformations forums :Inscription : aot Free forum by Nabble Edit this page Free Pascal - General Search everywhere only in this topic Advanced Search Unexpected duplicate identifiers Classic List Threaded ♦ ♦ Locked 5 messages Mark

type conflict between set elements There is at least one set element which is of the wrong type, i.e. This works in Delphi.RegardsSandeep Logged Marc Administrator Hero Member Posts: 2474 Duplicate Identifier Error « Reply #3 on: December 27, 2007, 11:33:11 am » in delphi mode it shoul be compatible With the default {$Q-}, the program runs and outputs a negative number of milliseconds in January! For example, errors which depend on the input from a user cannot be predicted by the compiler.

I use FPC 2.6. De plus le nom de ton programme ne peut pas tre le nom d'une variable/constante. Give the field width and number of decimal places e.g. Egalement, aprs une while (gardien), c'est un "do" et non un "then".

can't call o2obj An error occurred when calling the o to obj conversion program. Es un downto porque he querido. macro buffer overflow while reading or expanding a macro Your macro or it's result was too long for the compiler. Error: Forward declaration not solved "arg1" This can happen in two cases: You declare a function in the interface part, or with a forward directive, but do not implement it.

by lainz [December 01, 2016, 10:55:39 pm] FPC 3.0 on Centos 6.5 by Edson [December 01, 2016, 10:52:24 pm] Date question by totya [December 01, 2016, 09:53:13 pm] TMemo on Carbon statement expected illegal integer constant You made an exression which isn't an integer, and the compiler expects the result to be an integer. Forename := Joe; Undeclared identifier Identifier not found   Use of round brackets to enclose array index e.g. weblink This unit use and availability is platform specific and should not be used if the source code must be portable.

Error: Duplicate identifier "arg1" The identifier was already declared in the current scope. Error: Cannot find a "MoveNext" method in enumerator "arg1" This means that compiler cannot find a public MoveNext method with the Boolean return type in the enumerator class or object definition. When you declare an array property, you can only access it with procedures and functions.

Por cierto, como puedes observar, la variable "ordenado" sobra. ¡Un saludo! 11-Jul-2011 17:07 oscar gomez Hola antonio ante todo mil gracias por todo lo que haces por nosotros, y en particular

For loop control variable must be simple local variable ':=' expected but '=' found   Use of := instead of = in test of equality e.g. Regards, Sven _______________________________________________ fpc-pascal maillist - [hidden email] Marcos Douglas Reply | Threaded Open this post in threaded view ♦ ♦ | Report Content as Inappropriate ♦ ♦ Re: Error: Forward class definition not resolved "arg1" You declared a class, but you did not implement it. Error: Cannot find a "Current" property in enumerator "arg1" This means that compiler cannot find a public Current property in the enumerator class or object definition. .DOT. To generate an instance of a class or an object with an abstract method isn't allowed You are trying to generate an instance of a class which has an abstract method duplicate identifier: The identifier was already declared in the current scope. check over here Procedure overloading is switched off You're trying to compile overloaded procedures with the -So (Turbo Pascal compatibility) switch.

Puede saber más sobre nuestra política de cookies (Este aviso se muestra sólo una vez en cada visita al sitio web). [ Foro de Pascal ] error duplicate identifier(cont)... 10-Jul-2011 15:38 Variable or type indentifier expected Assembler incompatible with function return value You're trying to implement a assembler function, but the return type of the function doesn't allow that. Given the following declaration two declarations: type a = (A_A,A_B,A_E=:6,A_UAS:=200); type a = (A_A,A_B,A_E=:6,A_UAS:=4); The second declaration would produce an error. je je.

Error: Mismatch between number of declared parameters and number of colons in message string. procedure type NEAR ignored This is a warning. Include validation code to accept only the digits 1 to 4. Es decir, si una variable es global, y luego la vuelves a declarar dentro de un procedimiento...

illegal use of ':' expression type must be class or record type The expression isn't of type class or record. Si quieres entender el algoritmo bien, dibújate unos arrays y ejecútalo a mano, o tal vez puedes encontrar algo por la Red. SecondVecn() base defined twice An internal error occurred in the compiler; If you encounter such an error, please contact the developers and try to provide an exact description of the circumstances Trust me, that's MUCH better than letting the compiler compiles wrong code.

However, if a class does not explicitly declare at least one constructor, the compiler is required to add a public, parameterless constructor. Entonces declaras una variable (global) que almacene ese valor al comienzo del programa. ¿Ok? ¡Ciao! 12-Jul-2011 16:58 oscar gomez Hola Antonio , mil gracias de nuevo. In the following table showing extracts from error messages to look out for, note how some messages are much more helpful than others. Pointer to class expected The compiler expects a reference to a class.

You are allowed to alias identifiers found in units used (and that's the unit scoping rule). Esto es porque puede resultar difícil "controlarlas", es decir, conocer sus valores a lo largo del programa. The type of a link file is specified using a magic number, which is some pre-defined constant, unique for each system. Do not rely on the compiler to find your mistakes; it will only find certain types of mistake.

Often there are cascading errors, in which a single mistake such as a misspelled identifier in a variable declaration gives rise to several error messages. Code : Slectionner tout - Visualiser dans une fentre part 1234567891011121314151617181920212223242526program password; var essai : string; code : boolean; Const code1 = 'Levraicode'; begin code := Warning: Variable "arg1" of a managed type does not seem to be initialized This message is displayed if the compiler thinks that a variable will be used (i.e. destructor can't be private or protected Destructors must be in the 'public' part of an object (class) declaration.