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Opera 39 Changelog


Short changelog but you might find something interesting. Takes forever. 3. If it's of any significance, I'm not on Xubuntu but in an Xfce 4.10 session (on Ubuntu 12.04). Use -1 for default line height. Source

I have custom search engines and every time I upgrade Opera I hit stupid Yahoo or DuckDuckGo instead of youtube or dictionary. And by ‘not readable' what exactly do you mean? Previous image Next image Close image viewer modal dialog Opera Desktop Opera 28 stable update (66) comments Giorgi Chavchanidze / March 18, 2015 Today we are releasing Opera 28.0.1750.48 with updated Welcome, Aaron!Bugs fixed: Get rid of the infamous "AttributeError: __onDead" error (3546400) Do not automatically give focus to the subject field in the task editor on Linux (it overwrites

Opera 39 Changelog

Do not introduce new features that a just a bunch of ppl using." I totally agree. Any attempt to actually use Opera causes the error. blue_screen Opera 39 stable is not stable! Alex Wazovskiy EasyList Maxim Ok I see.

Mainly used for kiosk mode No Open Do not allow opening any file. Scott Satellite Thank you so much, that really helped, I can see all the news again! Adv Reply June 22nd, 2012 #3 VTPoet View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message Grande Half-n-Half Cinnamon Ubuntu Join Date Dec 2009 Location Vermont Beans 909 DistroUbuntu Re: Opera ~ Opera 40 Use with caution.

jedy123 Same for me with the crashing when clearing browsing data - OSX 10.9.5 Aneta Reluga It is a known issue, sorry for that. Opera Changelog Arjan van Leeuwen It sounds like you've enabled opera://flags/#media-detachable-view-hwaccelerated , which is an unfinished feature. now works AlexBrtn and after the latest updates, the browser is now very often to crash Bjarne Bertelsen I have pointed out a few times that Opera behaves strangely on facebook. Most programs have then you know.

Supposed to look like this: But looks like this instead: Giorgi Chavchanidze It should be fixed in developer stream Maxim Cool. Opera Beta I also googled "error while reading system fonts", and only found one lead written in Polish (I'm guessing). Always Reload Interrupted Images Restart download of interrupted images when activating a document Append Extension To Filename Automatically add extension to saved file. Aneta Reluga It is planned for version 40.

Opera Changelog

Most of the ones available to click on, I already get on +Google or in my Facebook feed. With this release, advanced users can now add their own block lists. Opera 39 Changelog vBulletin ©2000 - 2016, Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd. Opera 38 Ghirahim Stop smoking funny things. Š®Š»ŠøѸ jay67 moved Leonardo Gomes This is the Opera for Desktops blog.

Are pixels in Photoshop logical or physical? this contact form Full changelog contains all the details, but the most important fixes are: Crash when closing settings during importing data from other browsers was fixed New translations are integrated to Opera 43 Could you please just provide the exact problematic URL or URLs? Du kannst dich RegistrierenoderAnmelden Navigation [0] Themen-Index [#] Nächste Seite [*] Vorherige Sete Zur normalen Ansicht wechseln PC-Ecke > # Hard-und Software Allgemein Portable Software und Tools für USB-Sticks << < Opera Desktop

  1. If you select text in Opera, a pop-up will appear offering the most common functions for text selection ā€“ search or copy.
  2. Odeonbet Bahis Sitesi Canlı good video thank you Hetai-Na I Just love Opera Browser, but it miss a native reader for read articles cleaner.
  3. This feature could suit well to the custom lists function.
  4. Dmitriy i have bug or something after update, on mouse click in adress bar for selection link, not all full link is selected, this is not always happening but often
  5. Thankyou for the reply.
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  7. yadda, yadda.

Kornelia You can press ‘Customize start page' button on Speed dial page and check ‘News' to have it displayed under all speed dials. Some more fixes are listed here: Translations are integrated Moving elements in bookmarks bar does not crash Opera anymore Suggestions are not displayed twice anymore Close button was moved to the Otherwise, if one tries to start it from the menu, one doesn't see anything at all, and that includes Opera. Varun Balakrishnan Weirdly I can't find the option to add custom list for ad block.

UNIX only. 0 = start panning Extension Set ParentName of toolbar, that is supposed to show ExtensionSet widget Fallback HTML Encoding Encoding to use when none is specified in document. Opera Developer Adv Reply June 22nd, 2012 #7 d2btoo View Profile View Forum Posts Frothy Coffee! Opera does not store or cache any of our users' private information.

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How does Opera protect my privacy? UNIX only Security Policy Path to Java security policy file. This is to avoid drawing something unstyled (ugly)that will be replaced by something styled very soon. Opera Vpn Not Working Due to visual impariment I run DPI 150% in win7 and with an additional launch script "-alt-high-dpi-setting=110" to thin the huge UI borders but keep text size which have worked ok

That would help a lot. This version includes several features for developers that we inherit from Chrome 52, such as new CSS contain property, which considers fewer elements while rendering, and the PerformanceObserver API that makes Default Line Height General Line height to use for pages not covered by the following preferences, when line height is not explicitly specified. Check This Out This value is a threshold used to determine whether the throttling of animated content is needed or not.

I restarted it (re-opening the same web pages) and it returned to about 175 MIB. Empty string = use default wand.dat Warn Insecure Form Warn before posting form data on insecure servers Warn about active transfers on exit Display confirmation dialog for quitting while transfers are Chas4 That looks like it is a desktop shortcut icon Izer0 Tabs icon loading with more than 400 tabs still not fixed. Opera Mini is currently available in more than 90 languages.

Check Local HostName Look for local hosts before trying autocomplete Disable HTTP OPTIONS requests Avoid sending "options" header to proxies Enable Content Blocker 1 Enable Cookies DNS CheckEnable support for checking Why there is no more changelogs here: I always used this page to track updates :(. Due to the width of the option, it could be difficult to access. Du kannst dich RegistrierenoderAnmelden SiLęncer: --- Zitat ---Opera 12.02 has just been released to address some important security issues.

Gustav Ekner The pop-up is breaking my translation pop-up extension ( This is the well known network installer you already use to install Opera, but this version is smart enough...Ā» Read more Posts navigation 1 2 … 54 Next page Latest downloadsOpera Try putting it back to its default disabled state. Private browsing lets you visit webpages without leaving any trace of them on your phone.

Enable by setting to 1, Opera will then download the file and set to 2. 0 = Never download or use 2 = Use and check for updates weekly 1 = Instead of opening a frame (as it was the case before) in which the video is playing, it now opens a new Opera window (with the toolbar and all). 1.3. Parameters for printer program PrinterName UNIX only. Solved.

Please see link for screenshots: If this is the bug fixed, is there any other way I can change the text size/UI borders separetly from each other, or is it Has anyone at Opera looked into it? What information does Opera Mini store? xirit64 Thanks for this nice release based on Chromium 52.

Giorgi Chavchanidze It was delayed a bit. Default Line Height Korean Line height to use for pages encoded with a Korean encoding, when line height is not explicitly specified. Allow Empty Workspace Permits the last tab to be closed Allow File XMLHttpRequest Allow XMLHttpRequest between files which is something that is normally blocked for security reasons. Incidentally, Conky does the same thing.