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In the Page Style list, select the first page style, such as Vertical. Back in the customization window, you can leave the icon as is and just click OK, or change the icon by clicking and holding down on the Modify button and choosing It might be non-obvious because the bug summary and description describe the root cause, rather than its colorful symptoms. I use version 2.3.0-3 over a clean distribution, up-to-date, and first install of all. have a peek at this web-site

Ltd. --Serpent Consulting Services Pvt. Choose File > Templates > Organize. It's easy to switch out what comes up under File > New > ____ Document. It's a good perennial topic, so I'm rereposting. (Originally posted December 2, 2005) I get a lot of questions about envelopes.

Click in A1 to repeat one column; select A1 and B1 to repeat two columns, and so on. Do the same for columns. You'll see that at the left side, Selected Records is now marked. 5. My article goes over both.

How do I hide that? So hide the heading that goes with the data, and be prepared to answer questions about why that space is empty. Right-click on your template you created previously and choose Set as Default Template. to redo my StarOffice and OpenOffice Training page PDF, with linked articles on PDF presentations, and using hyperlinked PDFs.

Click OK. Click OK. Drag the text box to reposition it if it's not where you want, make the text larger or smaller, rotate it more or less, and make any other adjustments. Find the toolbar you want to add icons to.

Here's how to do some of them. So I'm sorry this isn't new content, but perhaps somewhere in the last six months there's something useful that Technorati didn't let you see the first time around. It has to be rows or columns, the shape must be rectangular. Mark the Hide When Printing option and click OK. (Remember to turn it back on again when you want them to be printed.) However, note that this won't make the cell

Oh, why didn't you say so? Go Here Makes you want to post nasty rants really giving it to the monkeys responsible, but then you remember it's open source. Choose Insert > Fields > Page Number. Between horrified peeks at my under-water stock options, this is what I told them.

You'll also spend time in the Page styles window setting various options in the sheet tab. Check This Out Click the Page Styles icon at the top of the Styles and Formatting window. Just drag it to the right to make it wider, and up to make it higher. For more detail on that, see and find the section called Copying the first page to make additional pages.

  • Those are not all the configuration steps you can do, by a long shot.
  • Have a look at hr_payroll/report/ which links to the proper report RML.
  • Between horrified peeks at my under-water stock options, this is what I told them.
  • Read some of the duplicate reports to follow the analysis and developer/user cooperation which isolated the bug.
  • To show again, select the two columns on both sides, right-click, and choose Show.
  • Full of wonderful explanations and clear examples...
  • Choose Format > Print Ranges > Edit.

Possibly the most useful, however, are the scaling options at the bottom which let you make the whole thing fit onto a specified number of pages or let you scale the the log you were pasting shows some weird vcl output. The team gave up on finding it, and the system went into production, only to have the bug recur and cause a serious operational outage. Source As another way to create the envelope document, you can also choose Insert > Envelope, and use the three-tabbed window that appears.

Maybe people will learn these lessons for a "tuition" less than a billion dollars or a human life. This is simple too. Then, in the spreadsheet itself, click on the cells of the rows you want to repeat.

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You’ll save a lot of time scrolling around in your Save windows. Comment by Juanma Hernandez (juanmah) - Tuesday, 23 October 2007, 07:00 GMT pacman -Q glibc libcups openoffice-base gtk2 gtk-engines glibc 2.6.1-2 libcups 1.3.3-1 openoffice-base 2.3.0-4 gtk2 2.12.1-1 gtk-engines 2.12.2-1 theme Dogmastik Click on the dropdown arrow and choose Visible Buttons. To print only the current sheet by default and prevent any blank pages from printing: Choose Tools > Options > Calc > Print.

Ltd. a - Just format every text box the same, manually. Click in the footer. have a peek here Possibly the most useful, however, are the scaling options at the bottom which let you make the whole thing fit onto a specified number of pages or let you scale the

Print the Grid for ReadabilityAnother handy option for readability is to print the grid. The underlying data structure is discussed, and techniques are introduced to evaluate OpenOffice objects, facilitating the use of returned objects in the absence of sufficient documentation by the original programming team. Or let's say you need to print labels for everyone but you need to do it in order by zip code or the people at the post office are going to I told her that I was pretending to be a light bulb, So, that the Boss might think I was 'Crazy' and give me a few days off.

Envelopes aren't too bad once you figure out how to do it the first time. microsoft windows, open source, database, programming, freeware and etc How to shrink worksheet for printing in Calc - OpenOffice I face a problem in how to shrink worksheet for printing in But when you click Print or choose File > Print and don't modify this in any way, you print the WHOLE spreadsheet. Please remember that you can always revise your answers - no need to answer the same question twice.

The normal printing window will appear if you select Printer. Just use your mouse to select the rows to repeat.