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Opencv Error: Unspecified Error (the Node Does Not Represent A User Object (unknown Type?))


It's mean that cascades trained with the new traincascade app doesn`t supprot this flags? Didn't he find my webcam? First i tried to not include a lot of background edges with the letter, it didn't work (bad detection), then i included edges for bg, the performance still not satisfying me I already added your checks so all is loaded correctly.In debug mode i can just use my project to use stops so the crash comes on cascade.detectmultiscale but that is nothing have a peek at this web-site

Really all these parameters are related to Adaboost, read theory. Don't use bounding boxes of different aspect ratios as they will be scaled and proportions will be distorted hence algorithm will never see in nature object it was learned. Is the number of images specified here (say 2000) leads to selection of 2000 new images for every stage of the cascade or does the cascade simply pick 2000 negative image It may mean that you need to crop some of your current boxes and expand the others.

Opencv Error: Unspecified Error (the Node Does Not Represent A User Object (unknown Type?))

I am not saying that's the right way to resolve this issue but I am no longer blocked by this. Why should OpenCV try to load all the xml files out there? i updated my 2.4 installation for doing the same stuff which work better for now but it seems since the classifier update (which was a new format i think) the haarclassifier Don't use size bigger than necessary.

I don't know what the problem is. Will make the fix! I stuck with Haartraining function. Cvhaarclassifiercascade Reply Guest said on 26-05-2011 Does anybody know why I get an error while running haartraining.exe?

Branch training terminated - it's impossible to build classifier with good false alarm on this negative images. Cv2.error: The Node Does Not Represent A User Object (unknown Type?) Magic popcount numbers QGIS Processing algorithm cannot deal with special characters in input Students trying to negotiate away penalties for late submission of coursework How to jump to middle of buffer While training I start getting message "Premature end of JPG file" and training ends around stage 7 with the message "Branch training terminated" Any help pleaseee Thanks Reply Dav said on my review here Is it possible..?, if yes, how to make it…?

Thank you very much Reply Andrey Soldatov said on 26-10-2010 See Opencv Yaml Python Make use of the feature that it allows to continue a training-sequence, if you get too many false positives make it run (continue) for one or more stages. This is an example for 1 model, slight difference but it will break it. Do you call cvRead in your program?

Cv2.error: The Node Does Not Represent A User Object (unknown Type?)

Reply Andrey Soldatov said on 04-02-2010 Hi, Riki, it’s possible, but you have to provide haartraining with number of negative samples containing faces of other people. Change the paths to C:/temp/...xml and see if that works. Opencv Error: Unspecified Error (the Node Does Not Represent A User Object (unknown Type?)) But it’s important that width, height of this rectangle have the same aspect ratio as -w -h. -- does it mean that original image must be a square if -w and Cvload Opencv Am I right?

There should be small background frame on positive image Should all original positive images have the same size? Check This Out What is OpenMP? "The OpenMP (Open Multi-Processing) is an application programming interface (API) that supports multi-platform shared memory multiprocessing programming in C, C++ and Fortran on many architectures, including Unix and So, where do I go from here to turn this mess (albeit working) in proper serialization code? Errors and stranges during haartraining! Opencv Filestorage Python

  • But it's badly implemented, at least in OpenCV 1.1.
  • I have verified my info.txt file but I dont understand why this command does not work.
  • Are you sure you have valid cascade?
  • share|improve this answer answered Feb 19 '13 at 22:29 mhowellaz 133 add a comment| up vote 1 down vote I got the same error while loading the haarcascade_frontalface_default.xml file.
  • But you can generate cascade for each orientation separately.

Reply alentejas said on 01-03-2010 Hi My problem is that I get while executing Haartraining, I get a ,xm. Expert in areas of Computer Vision, Multimedia, Messaging, Networking and others. I am working on haar training of different hand gestures………… how multiple cascades are loaded into the system simultaneously, and each cascade is responsible for a specific hand posture. Source Change rendering parameters based on placeholder How to serve your dragon?

In how many ways can a given planar graph be mapped into the plane? Cv Cascadeclassifier Applying my 2.4 fix, will make your GPU version of cascade classifier run fine. When comparing this to the model, we notice that calculating the integral image values for a regular feature is perfectly feasible, but for the rotated feature, it returns uninitialized integer values

Thank you.

Name (required) Mail (will not be published) (required) Website Currently you have JavaScript disabled. Haartraining will automatically extract millions of small negative samples from your negative images, so it need images with millions of subregions. Hmm i am building a setup right now. Cvhaardetectobjects I am really very grateful Thanks.

You can look at: Aleksey Reply Alejandro said on 14-04-2010 Hi, i want to thank you for not answer my question, i dont know why you dont want to answer Status:Done Start date:2015-02-26 Priority:Normal Due date: Assignee:Philip L % Done:100% Category:objdetect Target version:- Affected version:branch 'master' (3.0-dev) Operating System:Windows Difficulty: HW Platform:x64 Pull request: Description Hi there,i get constantly crashes of CvHaarClassifierCascade * pCascade = 0; // the face detector const char* file ="C:\OpenCV2.3\opencv\data\haarcascades\haarcascade_frontalface_alt_tree.xml" ; pCascade = (CvHaarClassifierCascade*) cvLoad(file , NULL, NULL, NULL); if (!pCascade) { exit(-1); // unable to load xml Then rotate your pictures, so that you have frontal face and detect it with OpenCV default face cascade Is it possible to recognize gender, attention, race with  Haar features?

Regards, Tijs Zwinkels tijszwinkels Reply | Threaded Open this post in threaded view ♦ ♦ | Report Content as Inappropriate ♦ ♦ Re: How to use the persistence ::read() and A quick fix for this is to restart the PC, unplug any gadgets attached to it and uninstall the latest software installed and rebooting it while the computer is on its In your case you need 1) to prepare negative faces-samples manually 2) to modify haartraining code to use negatives samples instead of automatic processing of negative images. You can simply use your code.Would really like to know if this actually works for you?

We tried, but could not do it with OpenCV haartraining. Reply sbrovche said on 12-06-2010 Bob, I suspect you encounted the issue with non-initialization of static haar_type variable inside harr.cpp. Reply Andrey Soldatov said on 28-12-2009 If you have compiled linux version of opencv_haartraining, use it with the same parameters as windows version. Please, help me to solve this problem?

I will test the GPU version soon! #12 Updated by Philip L almost 2 years ago CascadeClassifier_GPU debugCascade; with the GPU version of this class no haarcascade works since these are Is there way to perform "if (condition) typedef ..." How to get sprint progress from complexity-based estimation? Do u know any source where i can download my negative images instead of wasting time downloading each one alone. My question is that if we can convert the opencv data file to detection.dat.

Ratio between width and height were all same. As long as it's just simple company logo, i took only positive 14 images of logo. O that is a neat trick :) Too bad that #define breaks down the complete debugging interface. Compiled OpenCV with GPU enabled.

how hard would it be to detect a face at 90 degrees? This is what i know about this. Crash of the beginning of the issue remains though. What do you think @Steven Puttemans? #9 Updated by Steven Puttemans almost 2 years ago Philip L wrote: yeah there are many ways where some problems can occur...and yeah this was

TypeError: OpenCV returned NULL When I tried to load some arbitrary xml, (got from somewhere,not related to OpenCV): error: The node does not represent a user object (unknown type?) Finally, I Here's one way: struct stat buf; int statResult = stat(file,&buf); if (statResult || buf.st_ino < 0) { cout << "File not found: " << file << endl; exit(-2); } You'll need