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Invalid Background Description File


But i am not sure where to add.. I've built a new 64bit version and have uploaded it for everyone else to enjoy. Chances are, at line 155 of Form1.cs, you will need to put a space between the first double-quote and the "-data" like this: string command = " -data \" Log in I have generated delnas.vec file.

That version has all kinds of problems with it. Overview and details. Log in to Reply IRV4479 says: May 6, 2012 at 4:42 am Hello LuCuS. And logo's pictures are all taken with same direction. (without any angle) logo is really simple.

Invalid Background Description File

January 26, 2013 at 8:26 AM Dileep Kumar said... Thanks for your help. Instead, it opens a video and parses it one frame at a time. memory leak in java CascadeClassifier Training Cascades with 2-3 varient items/increasing robustness.

  1. I have  positive images, how create vec file of positive samples?
  2. Best regards Fabiano.
  3. But it doesn't work at all.
  4. I also wanted to ask what do you think is the best number of positives and negatives for human body recognition?
  5. so I might need your help.
  6. Here's the link for it."is not working could you suggest alternatives September 13, 2013 at 4:00 PM Dileep Kumar said...
  7. How to set up love interests for player characters Is it legal to use Raspberry Pi to develop a product and sell it?
  8. I'll try to find some time this week to put together an example app with the newest version.
  9. I think this is causing main problem.
  10. Sometimes i get the "Unhandled exception at" and it redirects to the malloc.c with some prob in systemheap or heap alloc.

Reply divya says: March 20, 2012 at 5:52 am I thank you for the wonderful post. What little time I have for computer vision, I've been messing with OpenCV for Android. Reply Syed Abdul Haseeb says: October 14, 2011 at 8:42 pm Hello When i run the above code of detect.c, then debug was successful but then error occur in command prompt Log in to Reply UtopiaDreamer says: January 29, 2012 at 9:56 pm yeah i have downloaded that Edge Detection program before since the first time i found your articles and it

Reply pierre-andré said on 16-05-2011 Hi, I have already send the same message on an other page of this sit but maybe some one can help me here too. Opencv_createsamples Tutorial Thanks a lot and best regards! There are many more options for the haartraining.This step is the most time consuming one. You need to execute the program, for example, from cmd console to see output of the program.

I believe, it's a good answer there by smuscroft: Looks like you're not providing any arguments to the program…commonly the program is run from the command line such as createsamples -info It seems to me I've hound an endless source of problems. Typically when debugging an error like this I would put a break point at line 172 and walk the application until it hits this break point. I tried to find a similar topic on this message board but didn't find any that were answered. **************************************************************** C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\Visual Studio 2008\Projects\firstMotion\OCVTest>haartraining -data C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\ My Documents\Visual

Opencv_createsamples Tutorial

So, better to stick with .bmp or .pngAre you referring to as being empty?Ronald,Please try in a 32-bit Ubuntu, that has proper perl and opencv 2.1 installation. I will try running the .exe . Invalid Background Description File If you are a windows user, use this link For most of the dough, that is going to come, you will need these executable linux files. Haartraining Hello Dileep: I wanted to ask that when do you come to know that the training is complete?

Yes, it's very important. Cheers, David midox says: August 12, 2012 at 6:33 pm hi , i really want to say BRAVO for the share , about the app , i tried your 64bit version I just got the message "Usage: facedetect -cascade=\"\" [filename|camera_index]". Posted by Ahmed Ashour at 8:06 AM No comments: Tuesday, March 16, 2010 Facedetect-haartraining_training step Problems and solutionwhen running the command"mergevec samples.dat samples.vec"error:"mergevec : command not found"solution:checked if command is in Opencv Create Samples

He created TLD which is able to learn and track an object at the same time. Another approach is to write head pose estimator. A couple of months ago, I ran across a guy that was in the process of creating a cascade for detecting people from the sides. Thank you very much.

The haarclassifer ended with an error of 0.0003625 after 20 stages. but i get an error in haartraining unable to obtain positive samples in cvcreatetreecascadeclassifier i line 2467. Reply mohit said on 06-01-2011 Hi, I am working on traninig rotated faces.

Do you have any suggestions which platform I could setup to get the Application running?

For this purpose, should I include non-smile mouth images in negative images set? But, this can take forever, especially when you're considering thousands of images. However, I do have a working copy of this program for Windows 32bit. That will be a very big database to share or send.

Apparently, I uploaded a "very" bad version at some point. But, he hadn't released any files at that point and I can't remember what his site was. Haartraining application will scale your positive images to size of (w,h) and this process must not disturb proportions of object. So the word is not simple for this algorithm.

You should choose it by trial and error method. First i tried to not include a lot of background edges with the letter, it didn't work (bad detection), then i included edges for bg, the performance still not satisfying me This is the least sized object that I could find in a given scene. Is it possible the create a vec file with more than 1000 samples?

Also, feel free to leave your suggestions and questions in the comments below as well. One more thing to note here is, that it is the size of pen, not the whole positive image(sorry that I have told it's positive image size in my previous comment).Now Please see my previous post on openCV installation on how to confirm, whether openCV is properly installed or not January 7, 2013 at 4:29 AM Vrushali Akant said... Can you upload it in Picasa..Hii Vikas60vasani,They are converted automatically.

then i make positive_desc.txt file were i crop face with bounding rectangles ( for exapmle img\image1.jpg 1 10 10 200 200 ) so, i want to know -- must be some