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I'll help you showcase your company and build your brand with each email you send with Microsoft Exchange. I have access to the latest data backup strategies, including encrypted backup to the cloud. And, while we're on the subject, I have industry partners who can delete annoying and dangerous spam email before it ever gets to your Inbox. Most people are beyond that point with an existing network infrastructure, or one needing to be extended.

We provide the computer support you need to keep your business running so you can concentrate on what you do best. From computers up the road to across the world, PC Doc can remotely log into your computer, diagnose the problem, and resolve it, all while you site back, relax, and watch Web Design Do you really have time to mess with one of those self-serve DIY tools, like Wix? I know what to safely eliminate.

This can be done while you watch or go on with your normal daily routine. When I started The PC Doctor in 1997, I was active in both the home computer and business networking market. Dell Computer Corporation provides the most reliable, easy to maintain computers and servers on the market today.

Always Ready A Phone Call Away Problems don't always happen from 9-5. Home Services PC Systems Laptops Parts Price List Specials Contact Welcome to PC DOC! Even though I don't build servers and computers anymore, I know how to keep them running. No GeekSpeak Your solution will be explained in easy to understand terms.

Yet, many companies put up with poor performance from these critical business tools because they either don't have a trusted computer and networking consultant, or, the one they have hasn't solved In 1997, I decided I needed to make a career change and I discovered my love for computers and helping small businesses. You need a strong gate keeper at the first place your Internet connection enters your building. We take pride in our attention to detail, quick response time, and the ability and patience to explain computer problems in plain English to clients who may not have a technological

I can look at your situation and recommend the best option for installing or designing your network backbone. After you've got your computer back, feel free to leave us a review about your experience on Google Places or Yahoo for a 10% discount on your next purchase! Their warranty protection and customer service are second to none. is a leading service provider in Fayette and surrounding counties.

We specialize in Laptop & PC repairs, virus removal, upgrades, new & refurbished laptops, new PC systems and general IT solutions. Doc provides the total Computer, Networking and Internet Solution. They don't.I've been fixing computer hardware almost since the time personal computers were introduced into the small business environment. You want The PC Doctor.

We offer cost-effective solutions that fit the IT budget of typical small businesses, non-profits and home offices. Here at PC Doc, we give every computer that comes in a free diagnostic and never start work until you've told us you're OK with the price. His focus on achieving client satisfaction through responsive and reliable service has earned him praise from many demanding clients. You don't want a "computer guy." You want a problem solver.

Microsoft Exchange Server provides seamless integration into your Windows network, and provides a single repository for every employee's mail. There's a reason 98% of their customers quit without ever launching a site. Proven Watchguard Technologies hardware blocks potential threats before they ever get into your network. Using Windows Server and Active Directory security, I'll keep all your computers talking to each other in a civilized manner, and make sure you have the added security you need with

It's a no-muss, no-fuss way to insure your business against data loss. Mitchel your personal P.C. We are here to serve you and your technology needs.

Our computers never work!" Many times when I follow up with that business, I'm told they already have a "computer guy", and aren't interested in making a change.

My Services You can focus on running your business. Let's be honest. PC Doc has been family owned and operated since 2001. Home Office

Small Business

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Onsite PC Doctor is very fast and reliable.

You don't know what any of it does, or where it goes, but you're afraid to unplug or move anything for fear of bringing the whole network down. I don't just do computer repair. In about mid-2001, I chose to concentrate exclusively on my small business clients, and have continued that focus to today. Or, at least, before the dry wall is hung.

Networking Microsoft Windows Networking Services I started building networks way back when, using was Microsoft's very first networkable Windows operating system. Mitchel Karp your personal P.C. A True Partnership Fair Pricing I don't have to gouge you to pay some salesperson's commision. Doc provides the total Computer, Networking and Internet Solution.

Check the location and try again. Your Small Business Networking Partner Windows Networking Fast, Stable, Secure Networks.